Grosset Gaia Foundation (an Australian Government listed charity)  Gaia is the name of the first Vineyard planted by winemaker Jeffrey Grosset in 1986.The vineyard was named after the noted English scientist James Lovelock who proposed the Gaia Theory: that the Earth is a single organism, reliant on the complexity and diversity of its species to maintain ecological health. The Gaia Vineyard set new standards in organics and sustainability at the time and has become recognised as a source of acclaimed cabernet-based wine , Grosset Gaia. While Lovelocks’s theory emphasised environmental rather than human sustainability, these are ultimately, in Grosset’s view, one and the same. This belief in interdependence is the inspiration behind the structure of this Fund.

Grosset Gaia Foundation income stream generated from the Fund’s investments is donated to charitable organisations supporting youth, the arts, research and the environment.
The Fund’s administration cost is minimal. There are no salaries. Consequently, virtually every dollar of income generated reaches the chosen charities.

Last financial year (2022 – 2023), the Grosset Gaia Foundation made donations to the following organisations: